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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges
Twisting the Hellmouth is a fan fiction archive of over 15,000 Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel crossover stories. TtH hosts all genres of cross over fanfic as well as non-crossover stories from both BtVS and other fandoms by writers who archive their cross-over fan fiction here. See the site rules for details.

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Anime [560, 18 Dec] Anita Blake [646, 29 Nov] BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover [1740, 17 Dec]
Cartoons [361, 6 Dec] Charmed [268, 29 Nov] Comics [155, 15 Dec]
CSI [191, 7 Jul] DC Universe [582, 16 Dec] Dr. Who/Torchwood [605, 19 Dec]
Firefly [351, 5 Dec] Games [504, 19 Dec] Harry Potter [2902, 17 Dec]
Highlander [415, 4 Dec] Literature [1044, 15 Dec] Lord of the Rings [438, 13 Dec]
Marvel Universe [858, 17 Dec] Miscellaneous [271, 11 Dec] Movies [1441, 21 Dec]
Multiple Crossings [1871, 17 Dec] NCIS [312, 17 Dec] Smallville [258, 22 Aug]
Star Trek [241, 20 Nov] Star Wars [297, 14 Dec] Stargate [1647, 19 Dec]
Supernatural [1539, 17 Dec] Television [3151, 17 Dec] Twilight [159, 21 Nov]

Twisting the Hellmouth - Latest News

Just a friendly reminder that if TtH doesn't archive stories that cross with certain author's work, because said author has strictly forbidden it, please do not request challenges that cross with these fandoms. Challenges violating this rule will be deleted.

Game of Thrones falls under this umbrella. It might be a television show on HBO, but George R.R. Martin wrote it first and he doesn't approve of fanfiction. He's on that handy list provided in the Rules Section (reference Rule 3).

Below are the list of rules for posting challenges to TtH. They appear every time you click on the 'Add Challenge' button. Please read them before posting a challenge.

Rules for Challenges

1. This is a crossover site. Therefore, you must challenge respondents to write a crossover story between Buffy/Angel and some other fandom. Crossing Buffy with Angel does not count. Challenges purely for one fandom are not accepted here, but may be posted on our forums.

2. All challenges should have a proper title, just like stories. "Buffy/Stargate Challenge!" is not a proper title - make sure it's got a name that will make people a) stop and actually read it, and b) remember it so they can find it again to post a response.

3. We require the same standard of spelling and grammar for challenges that we do for stories. If you can't even manage to spell the names of characters right, the challenge will disappear rather quickly. Hint: press the "Check Spelling" button.

4. Challenges that just ask for a specific crossover, Halloween costume, reincarnation, real parent, or pairing with no other details are not permitted.

5. Read the rules for posting stories. Challenges to write stories that would not comply with these rules (e.g. A real-person fic) will be removed.

6. A good challenge should include a specific scenario / "plot bunny" but not completely prescribe the entire plot of the resulting story. Ask yourself whether it would be possible to write 2 stories with different plots both of which satisfy the challenge?

7. You may post length requirements, but be honest with yourself. If you're asking for a 50,000+ word story, you're not going to get it. Most of the people who respond to challenges are authors with regular stories, who aren't going to put off all their projects to do your story.
Posted 11 Oct 14 • (Moderator)Ava • Comments
For those of you who are new to Twisting the Hellmouth every year a LiveJournal community that is affiliated with TtH, TwistedShorts, hosts a short story challenge. The challenge is to write 31 short stories (300 to 3,000 words in length) in 31 days. One story to be posted each day of the month.

Every year in the month of August most of the LiveJournal members cross post to TtH and that tends to overrun the Latest Page. The moderating team is contemplating implementing a rule in an attempt to curb that influx.

If a TtH member is participating in the Fic-A-Day challenge then all stories posted to TtH must be posted as a ficlet collection rather than as 31 standalone stories. The only exception to this rule would be if a writer is adding to an existing series.

If you would have an objection to this rule being implemented, or support it, now is the time to voice that opinion. Please see the comments link located below to join in the discussion.
Posted 24 Jul 14 • (Moderator)Ava • Comments
It’s almost that time of year again. The International Day of Femslash is July 19th and this year we have a site challenge to coincide with this joyous occasion.

Stories for this challenge should be posted on July 19th, 2014, your local time.

The “2014 International Day of Femslash Crossover First Meeting Challenge” can be located here.

If you have any questions, or just wish to chat about it all day, the forum discussion can be located here.
Posted 20 Jun 14 • (Moderator)Ava • Comments
Have you changed your primary email address since you signed up for an account? If so, please review your account settings and check we have the correct address - if in future, you forget your login name or password, you won't be able to regain access to your account unless the email address is still working.
Posted 13 May 13 • (Moderator)jrabbit
If you're on the hunt for our annual stunt,
Thursday this week, is the day that you seek.
Not a rhyme-lover? I suggest you take cover,
for thick and fast will verses fly past.
So arouse your muse and write rhyming reviews!
Posted 11 Mar 13 • (Moderator)jrabbit
A few years back we had the rather popular To Boldly Go challenge, where we asked you to write in a fandom where no-one had written before.

This time around, we're going to narrow the field a little, and your challenge is to write a fic that crosses over with one of the IMDb Top 250 Movies of all time, but one with which we don't already have a crossover fic posted to the site.

Add your responses to the challenge
Posted 21 Sep 12 • (Moderator)jrabbit
Once again it's almost that time.

The annual August Fic-A-Day Challenge over at Twisted Shorts is about to start.

The Rules:

1. Write one fic per day during August. Stories must be complete and stand alone, but series are more than welcome, and they should be BtVS/Angel Crossovers of any rating with any fandom, minimum 300 words, maximum 3000 words.
2. Entries must be posted in the Twisted Shorts Livejournal to be counted.
3. Post more than one a day if you want, but only one fic per 24 hours counts toward the challenge. Backdating fics are not allowed for getting a fic to count within a 24 hour period.
4. There's no 'miss a day and you're out'. If you can't post one day that doesn't mean you're out of the running. Keep posting when you get a chance.
5. Winners will be decided by who has posted on the most days during the month. I.E. If Author A posts 28 fics on 28 days, Author B posts 31 fics on 31 days, and Author C posts 35 fics on 25 days, then Author B wins.
6. Regular posting rules apply: proper header, fic behind cut, adult rated fic comm-locked, disclaimer, etc.

Remember to have fun and don’t forget to check out the suggestions post on TwistedShorts to make posting easier for readers and writers.
Posted 23 Jul 12 • (Moderator)Ava

A challenge from HikaruKosuzaku

So, I have a mostly planned idea that I really don't have the time to write. If someone else wants to take it, feel free. It should be fun for any writer, really, and I would love to read it.

So, this is an NCIS/Sentinel/whatever you want crossover with Buffy, obviously.

It starts before Xander loses his eye, whenever you want it to start really.

The PTB aren't the nicest people, but Fate is, especially with those that she considers her favorites. And Xander is one of her favorites. She's tired of the crap that he puts up with (not from the other Scoobies though, b...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Oct 11]

Dragonpink recommends

The Dursley's make a run for it when Harry's numerous Hogwart's invitation letters arrive and they don't stop on that little island, they stop when the owls stop - when the family arrives in Sunnydale, California! BTVS Crossover Slash
Yusuke Urameshi and Willow Rosenberg are childhood friends. They were separated by their parents, and now years later, circumstances have brought them back together. What will Spirit World make of this? Or his friends? How will they deal with the changes?
Only the author can add chapters to this story Anime > YuYu Hakusho • magik • FR18 • Chapters [15]
Dawn winds up in a pet shop - but not as a customer. She joins Slytherin House - but not as a student. She gets a new family - and is it really a surprise that they're just as protective of her as her last one?
NEEDS BETA- Dawns real family fic. Add in leopards, wolves vampires and Aunty Ex. My oh my how chaotic. Warnings- child abuse mentioned. Anita swears Dawn is a teenager and Oz talks too much.
Xander's never had a normal relationship, what's one more? Right?
Only the author can add chapters to this story DC Universe > Teen Titans • MrRigger • FR18 • Chapters [13] • Completed
Remember the swim team incident? Anita's going fishing! (not slash)
Only the author can add chapters to this story Anita Blake > Xander-Centered • Nerdgirl • FR15 • Chapters [19] • Completed
Sequel to New Beginnings. The Master of San Francisco decided to pay the Master of St. Louis a visit. After a long rest, Buffy Summers and Julian Luna had awakened to a new world. Can they get used to this world or will it be too overwhelming?
The Hyena was just a warm up. After one REALLY bad day, Xander snaps. Let the good times roll!
BtVS/X-Men Crossover: Xander/Remy/Spike; Xander is transported to an alternate dimension that has no demons, vamps, or magic! He still manages to find plenty of trouble, though.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered • SilkenSky • FR18 • Chapters [14] • Completed
The Order of the Phoenix wants allies. The Council wants answers. The Ministry wants them both to stop rocking the boat. So what does Willow want? Mostly to make it through all of this alive. WR/SS

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