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Author Skoellya

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Just your average British Buffy/Harry Potter generation girl (a good time to grow up), I like writing. I also like reading and when reviewing I'm always as critical as I would be with my own work (which is very, but I don't mean critical in the negative sense. I spend far too much time thinking.) I am always working on something, but my one-shots are the things I end up publishing most because I don't like to post without hope of completion. I have an account at as well where other things are posted under this name, if anyone is interested.

I love stories which have a good basis in character and a classic but individual plot. I avoid self indulgent stories and character bashing- particuarly the ones implying unrealistic or out-of-the-blue betrayal. It's just a belief of mine that if you are truly the fan of a show you have respect enough for all the characters even if you don't like them that much. 'Good' characters (in the angelic sense) which haven't experienced believable mind control, some kind of magical or even physical trauma to turn them loopy won't be turnin' on their bestest buds just for kicks. It's a pet peev of mine, having immersed myself in fanfic for the last year and a half. Most of my stories include character work and few wacky ideas. Some of 'em work and some of 'em don't, don't hesitate to tell me how to improve.

N.B. Thank you for the nominations for two of my fics, I was really surprised. I'll be writing more substantial crossovers soon.

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