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Author allaire

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allaire started reading as soon as she learned how to at school, and was soon known at the local library for doing her best to read through it from one end to the other. She soon went from normal fiction to sci-fi and fantasy written in English, and from there to slash. She hasn't looked back ever since she discovered K/S (ST-TOS) and DM/M (HL) fiction on the 'net, and has tried pretty much any fandom you can name. Occasionally, she also writes, but due to her inherent laziness, she usually reads for days on end, avoiding anything that could be loosely considered 'work'. Which explains why she's not exactly good in answering her e-mail or updating her livejournal (see

allaire is a huge fan of crossovers (the longer, the better) and likes Buffy enormously as a character. As for the show, she prefers to forget that Season 7 ever happened.
Joined16 Jun 07
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