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Just an amateur fanfic writer. More ideas than finished fics right now. And the number of unfinished fics got out of hand a long time ago. Oops.

I tend to write stories where Buffy is the main female character but I'm not averse to writing Dawn centric stories. And then there are those Joyce centric stories. I guess it's a Summers thing. One of them will most likely be the primary character in all of my fics. Except Hank. Nothing against him. Just don't have a use for him in any of my stories.

And let's not forget those Faith centric stories. Can we consider her an honorary Summers here? And not just in a f/f kind of way with Buffy or Dawn.

The goal for 2013? (2012 was a dud fic goal-wise)

I'd like to finish all of my stories on TtH but that's a little unrealistic. So... the goal is to update as many as possible this year (and finish some even). I can't help starting new stories but I hope to reach equilibrium this year. Really!

I've also finally branched out and written non Buffyverse stories (Glee - Faberry mostly ( Yikes!) ) but I probably won't post them here any time soon.

And I've added a Xander-centric fic this year, after much thought and soul searching. Not sure the Xanderistas will like where it is going but I'm having fun with it and that's all that counts.
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