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Author Alcharma

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Alright, so I keep having to update this thing because I always leave with the intention of not writing anymore and coming back because a plot bunny hops back into my arms. For right now, I am putting my current fics on hold (i.e. abandoning them) for a little bit because I've gotten tired of them and want to start something new in the hopes that it'll kick my muse back into gear.

So unfortunately, A Fresh Start, Aftermath of Oceanic Flight 815, Fighting the Darkness Within, Help Me Forget, and Full Circle will NOT be updated for a while, if ever. I know lots of you like these stories, but to be frank, I've lost interest in them and would like to move on to something new. It has grown tedious to write new chapters for these, and because I think that writing fanfiction should be out of joy, I don't want to continue them if I'm not happy writing them. Not to say that these will NEVER AGAIN be updated, but probably not for a while.

Damn, I should stop writing long fics, as I find it difficult to finish. I'm a bit ADD with new prompts.

Anyways, I love you all and thanks for your love and support over the past couple of years! I hope you'll stick with me and whatever new fics I write!
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