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Last Update: 18/03/2011

Ok, so if you're here then either you're randomly surfing, checking up on who wrote a review (which is unlikely seeing as I mostly just follow stories bookmarked right now), looking for a beta or looking for info on when WWDFF will update. The short answer to that last one... Not any time soon.

To be honest I've lost interest in the btvs fandom. I'll still read fics now and again if they catch my attention but in general... nope. I haven't given up on it though, and am trying to rewrite it slowly. When I've got up to the same point as I was at before I'll take the old version down and put the new version up. Given how long it managed to get that will take a while.

For those wanting a beta, sure! Just drop me a line. I'm happy to bounce plot ideas back and forth and the usual typo checks. I also have decent knowledge on HP, LotR, BtVS (though not the comic stuff), SG1 (not the new stuff), Alex Rider, Tamora Pierce, Trudi Canavan and recently Naruto. I'm blaming Elfofhope for that last one but there you go... but if I can help, feel free to ask!

Other than that, I made it to Uni! So now I'm studying for my Masters in Aerospace Engineering (note the capitals ;-p ) and working towards my pilot's license. This is taking up a lot of my time along with my brand new hobby of archery.

Thanks for checking out my profile!

Dream Of Stories
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