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Author TrekkerSlayerette

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I'm 15 years old and live on the Hellmouth known as Fort Morgan, where the demons are demons of stupidity, ignorance and bigotry. I have been a scifi/fantasy fan my whole life (raised from the cradle on Trek) but only became a Btvs/Ats fan about a year ago. I started watching Angel in syndication after I found out David Boreanaz was in it ( I had a major crush on him from Bones) and I totally fell in love with it. I actually watched all of Angel before I ever saw a single episode of Buffy! Strange, but true. Anyway, I watched the premiere episode of Buffy on WB when it was having its closing down thingy, and on the strength of that ep, I bought the Chosen Collection off of Ebay for a hundred bucks. Best money I ever spent- I am now on my third time watching it through, and I fall a little more in love with it each time. Anyway, I just wanted a community where I could connect with fellow Buffyites and fellwo writers, both of which are limited to me, myself and I in the pathetic hellhole of a town I live in. So read my stories, and enjoy! I especially like Fred, Wesley, and Faith, most of whom seem to be sadly neglected in fanfic, so watch out for my stories on them. I'm also a big fan of all three of Buffy's boyfriends. I seem to be sadly in the minority on that, becuase it usually seems like people like one and totally hate the other two, but to me, Angel, Riley, and Spike were all so cool for different reasons. Not to mention, how lucky is Buffy to have three such incredibly hot bfs? *grins* Anybody who agrees, drop me a line- I want to talk to you!
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