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I'm really not much of a writer. The few stories I start never get finished and I prefer to make up scenarios in my head rather than writing them down.
I've been reading fanfiction for about 4 years. Ranging from 40-chaptered fics to 100 word fiction. (though I prefer a medium between the two). So my opinions tend to be a bit more critical than some others. I absolutely despise ooc-ness. I can be blunt about things so please don't take it personal. Though I won't usually leave a hurtful review, if I don't like it. I just won't review at all.
I'm a lesbian and I absolutely love femslash (though I read het if the story is good enough). So that makes me a bit biased about my views.
I also love the character of Faith. Other characters I like angsty willow, Hermoine, Voldemort, Sirius, Dumbledore, and Bellatrix. Along with a few others but those are my main characters. I tend to like the bad ones...or the characters in gray areas. I will read a story even if it's in a fandom I don't know as long as it has faith + femslash. Because I'm a dork.
Terribly sorry if you wasted all of your time reading that.
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