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I have a tumblr. Have had for a while now, but I'm really only just putting it to use. Help me utilize it to write more! Ask me anything! Give me a prompt! Send me something wacky to fill out! ANYTHING!

Old profile. Wow! It's now 18 December, 2014. Happy Christmas! And my son is now almost 7, and my daughter is the monkey. Holy Hannah! She climbs EVERYTHING!

I like to read. A lot. I'm branching into writing. I've written some stuff for ffn, but never for this site. New Origins is my very first crossover. I have a husband and son, one each. My son is 18 months. He's a spider monkey. Don't ask.

I don't understand the need that people have for flaming others' work. If you don't like a story, don't read it. Why must people read a story they don't like then review in the most childish and unflattering way? I was reading the reviews for a couple stories I like... the first flame I came across, the author of that 'review' couldn't spell, not even the names of characters. This person also didn't like the fact that others have opinions that are not the same as theirs. The next one, someone said that the author of the story was writing just like the show that the story was crossing over with. The author chose to take this as a compliment (which I agree with) while the reviewer said that they don't watch the show and the author's writing has 'devolved'. It makes no sense whatsoever to me as the writing hasn't changed. Not for the worse, at least. And seriously. If this reviewer doesn't watch the show, why in the world are they reading a crossover in that show's category? I do that sometimes, but I don't flame if I do so. I don't flame at all, actually. It takes something to put yourself out there, not matter if it's writing or art or sewing or whatever. It takes courage to put something out there to be judged by strangers. So seriously. You don't see us coming around and telling you how much we think you lack in writing, ideas, originality, etc... so please don't do it to us. If you don't like it, then navigate away from that page. Don't tell us useless things because you're petty and bitter that you can't write for crap. Honestly. I've never seen a flamer who actually has posted a story.

I am a proud member of 'Buffyphiles on TtH'. Why are we Buffyphiles? 'Cause we love the character and have a strong affinity for her strength and courage.
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