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Author EccentricWonder

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Hey! I am obsessed with fanfiction.
I hate fics centered on Hermione, Lily, and Ginny/Harry in Harry Potter fics.
Harry is a disappointment.
Harry needs anger management.
In Anita Blake I think Anita and Richard need a kick in the face.
I am in love with all Luna fics.
I am annoying as hell and complain about things nobody cares about.
My favorite person in CSI is Greg.
I like BtVS but sadly hate Buffy herself.
Anya rocks.
So do Xander and early Willow.
I take forever to update sometimes.
My favorite color is GREEN!
Also I can't spell.
My chapters are short.
It takes me a while to update.
I have plots beating each other up in my head.
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