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Author xanderfan

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I am 22 and love reading.

I adore/love stories with Xander, mostly slash and sometimes maybe gen.

I've recently decided to try my hand at writing despite the lack of talent in that area, I'm hoping that the saying 'practice makes perfect' is true.

I have discovered a complete intense love for Stargate Atlantis. Rodney Mckay is in a war with Xander for my affections but Xander is still in the lead, Rodney's snark is a powerful weapon so the fight is not over yet.

Though they are my top two favorite characters, followed by House, the boys from Supernatural, Gibbs/Dinozzo from NCIS and the various hotties from NCIS, I enjoy Anita Blake's vamps as well + Dexter, Bones, Dollhouse, SGU + Vampire's Diaries are starting to be interesting as of now.

I freely admit to bending Xander whichever way I prefer, super Xander and/or canon Xander, anything Xander is acceptable. I will accept any slashing of the Xander, anything at all. I've discovered new shows through reading new Xander slash.

I love reading! It's the bees knees!

RL has given me a break. Freedom is sweet. Look for updates soon
Joined29 Nov 07
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