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Author ArjaiH

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Born young in Michigan, and quite surprised to have grown older in Florida. Former US Marine. Writer-editor-artist, and Quality Engineer (Yeah a diverse working life) by trade. Happy father of two great boys, who are now great men, and a Grandfather of beautiful auburn haired blue-eyed Granddaughter (March 8, 2012). The joyful husband of a fantastic woman. survivor of combat, 2 strokes, and double-by-pass surgery. Retired but not retreaded. I enjoy writing, I enjoy reading and reviewing. I try very hard to make my reviews positive, in fact if I don't like a story or feel that it is badly written for one reason or another (plot, characterization, etc.) I just don't write a review. I do not like character bashing, if you hate a character that much just don't use that character! Write read and have fun! It isn't like we are getting paid for this. Vote for the story, rate the story, review and recommend the story. Not every story by any writer is great ( if they were we'd all be writing best sellers not fanfiction). Ok off the soapbox. Bless y'all and keep on writing, and reading! Please excuse any tardiness in my writing and crankiness in my reviewing. I had a double bypass in Feb. 2012, followed by a series of mini-strokes. This has affected my balance, and my wife says my already bad attitude :)
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