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Author PunsterZero

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I'm 29, British, and male. Though not necessarily in that order.

And, of course, a devout FanFic-a-holic.


Hello everybody (who's checking my profile), I'd just like to say sorry for not updating it for a while, all my writing has been going into my stories... which has left my profile to suffer.

No longer.

This is a short message to any of you who are reading my work and are wondering what's happened to me, specifically that I'm not updating my stories very much. I want to this very clear, it is *not* because I'm not writing - it's just that I'm writing stories that I'm not posting.

I am giving you all a solemn promise: no matter how long it takes for me to finish, no story I've started to post will be left unfinished. They will all come to their ultimate conclusions, and (hopefully) you will all be happy with the endings.

I hope this allays some of your fears, since I haven't updated some of my stories in quite some time, and you might be thinking they were abandoned. THEY ARE NOT.

To put it simply, I'm having trouble with bunny infestations...


I have also decided to live up to my namesake, and try to post a new pun each time I edit my profile (Cue evil laugh).

What do you call a dead magician's assistant?

An abracadaver.
Joined25 Dec 07
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