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I know that a lot of you are quite justifiably put out with me, to say the least, for the long wait I've put you through, re: my other stories, but -- to be fair to myself -- I'm only just now beginning to resurface from an absolute morass of medical garbage that got in the way of writing in the worst fashion. So I beg your humblest pardons and offer an apology and request for patience in the meantime while I figure out the other stuff again because now it feels rather mixed up.

So I finally figured some stuff out after, like, five years of introspection...

RE: New All Over, Middle Son, Frabjous Day, Battering, Dark Avenger, etc.; please submit any answers in PM form:

So, within the scope of WHAT'S ALREADY HAPPENED/IS TAKING SHAPE and what is being alluded to, what's something you think might happen? The reason I ask is that I need nudges to keep writing and keep my ideas going in a rational direction, I keep forgetting that about myself. Dialogue does that marvelously, however could I forget? Bad writer!
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