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I love reading fanfiction! Does not matter what kind I'll give anything try. The fanfics I mostly read are: supernatural, Dresden Files, Navy NCIS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, BBC Sherlock and Phil Coulson Avenger fics. I adore everyone that take the time and has the nerve to write anything. I just LOVE reading everyone's great work. I am totally addicted to reading fanfictions. Please everyone keep writing or I will die of boredom or start throwing a fit. Love you all!!
I LOVE Xander centered stories. I just have a thing for the underdogs and characters that get pushed into the background when they have so much potential.
I am a lover of books and currently have a list of 457 books I want to read and I have read 103 of them so far! So if you have read any good books I am always looking to add more. I prefer fiction with a hint of supernatural and mystery, modern fantasy, and horror. If anyone is looking for a good book I can recommend a few.
I love watching movies, reading books, fairy art, dragons, mythology, daydreaming, making sarcastic comments (but only the fun kind), singing along with the radio very badly, music of all kinds, and reading or listening to people rant(it is freaken hilarious).
I cannot stand hypocrites(especially religious hypocrites), mullets, onions, stepping on gum, idiots that try to get books banned for libraries(don’t read it if you don’t like it, no one is going to shove it down your throat freaken morons!), and closed-minded people!
That is all for now!
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