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Author callhervera

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I a massive fan of crossover fan fiction (to the point where I don't really read any other kind). My favourite crossovers are Buffy with any of the following:

Stargate (either SG-1 or Atlantis)
Harry Potter
Dr Who
Star Wars

And I'm sure that there are others that I have forgotten, but those will do for now. Really, I'm in to most of the major ones.

I've just started writing my first story (Star Light, Star Bright...) which could potentially turn in to a series if it goes down well and I have the time. Speaking of time, uni keeps me very busy so I don't always get to update regularly. I try to get out one chapter a week, but occasionally it might be a fortnight.

I've also started something called 'The Pass-the-Parcel experiment' which is a sort of round robin story with anyone who wants to join.

Happy Reading
callhervera :D

P.S. I also publish on FanFiction.Net, although no new stories there - just 'star light' again.
Joined23 Feb 08
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