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Somewhere in the middle of the doldrums of August, I passed one million hits and didn't even notice. As of 8/28/14, 1,007,664

Thank you readers! You Rock!


Now I just have to make it to 1 million hits and I'll feel extra, extra special! Thanks for sticking with me through it all!


DeepBlueJoy who used to be BlueBoo... Fav characters are Spike, Faith, & Illyria -- and more recently Drusilla... probably because I'm also a misfit who cares... And [hopefully] is transformed by it. As you can see from my numbers, I write a lot about Buffy and Xander, but I pretty much like all the characters, even some of the villains.

I'm a lot like Anya, except, I don't give a rats arse about money ;-) and I'm not scared of bunnies!

If you get a 10 from me: Someone should be paying you for your writing (or already is), and you really should treasure it for life. If you get a rec *and* a 10, you're in very elite company indeed.

Regarding updates: When I have multiple projects in progress, I will rotate through them somewhat randomly, mostly dependent on inspiration. Don't think I've given up on anything unless it says 'abandoned' or 'on hiatus' (both very unlikely). I have that thing called real life (at least, that's what they call the cruel trick that gets played on me on a daily basis). So long periods may occasionally occur between *any* updates (see below), but if it happens it's because it cannot be avoided.

Feel free to poke me politely... it may help... impolite pokes will be ignored and the pokers will be fed into the woodchipper in the Inferno... pick your own circle. Do not pass go. There's no get out of hell free card. :-)

I am also writing a book (subject matter: supernatural, crime and life). This is of course, in addition to all my other commitments, so fan fic may tumble off the table occasionally.

If the book gets published, I'll let you know.



Tutor cat is glad to announce that Blue obtained her RN (a while ago, actually) and is no longer amongst the ranks of the student population... for now.



About Cordelia Chase:

Don't be surprised if I bring her back. Or refuse to let her die. In my opinion, the death of Cordelia Chase was the single greatest misstep in the entire Buffyverse. Not the fact of Cordelia dying, though that is regrettable. The truth is: people die. It's not because she's my favorite, though I do *love* her spirit.

No, the travesty is the complete and utter disrespect and disregard with which the most central character in Angel was systematically destroyed. Her character, her spirit, her innate honesty were ripped from her relentlessly. In the end, she didn't even rate a funeral. This pisses me off. Whatever axe the show runners had to grind with the actress, they took it out on the characters, the show, and ultimately, the fans. They decimated the heart of the show. Ultimately, that's why the series failed. With Cordy and Fred, there was joy and heart. After they were gone, there was just death.

If you love Cordelia, you should read this: The Assassination of Cordelia Chase


About Xander Harris:

I don't write Super!Xander! stories. I *do* however really like Xander and I hope you'll like my take on a *normal* Xander. I think he's interesting and heroic enough as a person, warts and all... maybe more so. If you agree, you'll like my stories. If you need to 'tart' him up with uber-powers, you'll probably be disappointed by my stories.


A NOTE to my GLBTQ friends and all fans of Willow in particular. (This is about slash and what I choose to call 'unslash')

It's been brought to my attention that folk may think that I'm one of those "meet the right person and 'fix the gay'" people. I'm not. I don't feel there's any need to 'fix canon' gay characters by making them straight.

I write about gay people, straight people, bent people and I'm an equal opportunity explorer of human sexuality. I happen to think that Willow is on the continuum of human sexuality and for that reason I find it easy to write her with both genders.

Fanfic is about exploring and playing with the characters we like. In some of my stories Willow ends up with a woman, in others a man (only one, actually, so far)

As an aside, I also see evidence (though much weaker) for both Xander and Giles being somewhere on the continuum that's not all the way pegged at 'straight', which is why I tend to play around with their sexuality. I don't really see any indication that Buffy for example is lesbian or bisexual and the same is true for most of the other non gay characters.

I think it would be hypocritical of me to be willing to play around with a gay/bi Xander, and yet not be willing to look into a bi/straight Willow. There's much more evidence for Willow to be with a man than for Xander to be with one... I like to think I pull things out of their characters and then the fantasy that is fanfic allows me to explore all sorts of things that never occurred in canon. I write slash. I write unslash. Deal with it. I'm no homophobe.

I don't think that gay people need fixing. I also don't think that Willow in canon ever needed to 'head back to boy's town'. Willow/Tara is my favorite relationship of the entire series.

Just to be clear.


About Season 8 and 9 comics? They do NOT exist. After the fall may exist in some parallel universe if I feel like it, but season 8 and 9 is fanfic by the man himself... It's not canon. Just for the record.


PS: I don't bash any character. If I hate them that much, why write them?

That said. I reserve the right to use *any* character as a villain, to have bad things happen to them, or to simply show that they can make poor human decisions. I also reserve the right to make them look really good, sometimes in the very same story! Humans are human... and most of the demons we encounter are pretty damn human too... we screw up. We are venal. Even the best of us make doozies sometimes.

I may look into the darkest recesses of character and pluck out what I find there. You have been warned.

If you don't like how the character has been portrayed in a particular fic, read a different one! :-)

NOTE: I respond to *all* reviews. I THRIVE on reviews and appreciate deeply all recommendations.

I unfortunately cannot respond to *unregistered* people I've never heard from before, who send me private emails. Thank you for your understanding.

I deeply appreciate thoughtful reviews, praise and polite criticism. Reviews make me think, encourage me, and let me know that other people really do care about what I write. I know a review is a privilege, not a right, but just know that they are appreciated, especially on those days when I'm second guessing *everything* I've written.

Note: All my stories are copyright by me, publishing as DeepBlueJoy. My express written permission is required to reproduce them elsewhere. The stories and any original characters belong solely to me.

The universes belong to other people and I make no money off my derivative creations. My stories and characters are mine. Please don't steal them. Thank you.
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