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Author TouchoftheWind

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My favourite character is Connor, I will read nearly anything with him in it. I also am a big Slash fan though I will read Het if the pairing is something I like. I have a account on Fanfiction under the same name with other non Angel/Buffy based fandoms!

I am of the opinion that Darla and Angel are soulmates and prefer CordeliaAngel over Bangel- I also dislike the Spuffy pairing- though there have been stories where I have liked it. I tend to stick to more of the Angel things in the fandom- mainly because I have only watched Season 1 and 2 of Buffy and part of season 6 while I have watched all of the Angel seasons.

I don't dislike any character but I tend to go through phases where characters irritate me and I'll avoid them like the plague. So for some stories I may disappear from for a while but I usually find my way back.

Also- I have a new twitter account. I will post story progress and such here.
Joined19 Mar 08
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