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Hi there!

Welcome to my biography!

Here are some things you might want to know about me as an author.

I'm a 26 year old woman living in Germany. This means 1: I'm an adult and will write adult stories, and 2: I'm not a native, english is not my first language, and therefore writing a story might take me a little longer than others, but I have a tremendous Beta who helps me and kicks my ass if I don't update fast enough, so I hope that makes up for it.

I love Willow. Just Willow and only Willow.

I loved her growth in the series from wallflower to confident strong witch, even though she still stayed true to her original, rather shy character. I love that she can do magic.

I do not condemn her for her actions of revenge against Warren. In fact I was cheering her on while she was chasing after him.
And to be completely honest, it angers me a little that there are so many writers that like to write about Willow being a magic addicted wreck and holding her actions of revenge over her head like she was the worst kind of scum.

The way I see it, if the others had been there for her more during the time she was struggling with her magic, instead of telling her to quit cold turkey (and I think that was really why things went so out of control later, I mean the magic is a part of her, she can't just quit it) then all the drama after her killing Warren probably wouldn't have happened.

And I don't mind at all that she killed him. Had it been a demon who had done what he did, no one would have even raised an eyebrow about it, but just because Warren was human he is to be spared? That isn't fair at all. And ok, one could say that he would have been dealt with the normal human justice system, but let's be real here, he knew enough about maigc to give Willow a bit of a fight, no human prison would have held him for long, and who knows what he would have done then in retaliation.

And lets not forget that Willow saved Buffy's life on the operation table.

Yes, after Warren, she went over board, but I maintain my believe that the magic wouldn't have gotten such a hold on her, if she didn't have to quit cold turkey before.

And then there are those that hold Willow responsible for pulling Buffy out of heaven. That was absolute crap anyway.
Did the writers of the series not think the story was dramatic enough that they just had to go and make Buffy even more of a dramaqueen? Willow and the others thought that Buffy was caught in Glory's Helldimension, believing this, they would have been absolute jackasses if they didn't try their hardest to pull her out of it. And what do they, especially Willow, get for all their trouble? Even more grief.
So not fair.

And what about the power issue? To my mind, Willow is so much more powerful than any Slayer could be, but does she get her chance to shine in the series? No.

And what is the deal with all those crossover fictions with Harry Potter that center around Buffy and have her fight against Voldemort and his cohorts? What can SHE do against magic? (I'm not trying to be mean here) All she has is increased strenght and speed, that's all, nothing special.
And if I remember correctly, Willow very nearly beat her when she gave herself the same strenght and speed as a Slayer while on her vengeance trip. (Please, if you like Buffy, I really don't mean to attack you in any way, so don't take what I say here personally, it just vexes me.)

Willow had so much potential in the series character wise, but she was horribly downplayed. So I feel like, as fanfiction writers, it is our (with that I mean all fellow Willow fans) duty to correct that mistake and pay her character the proper respect with lots and lots of great fanfictions.

I just hope that I will be able to pull off at least a half decent job at this.

What you can expect from my stories here:

- To my mind, Willow is not gay, but bisexual. Later on her relationships centered on the female characters, but before that she had relationships and crushes on men (Oz and Xander). I don't think that fact can just be disregarded because she later discovered that she felt attracted by female charm as well. And I like the thought that Willow is open minded enough to fall in love with the person, not the gender.
I will always acknowledge this part of her, but will probably only pair her with male partners in my fictions, because that is simply the way I myself prefer it.

-I am an absolute Hater of the 'forbidden love' plot. You know the "You have different statuses/are of a different race, you can never love each other blah blah blah"
I concede that this plot devise is favoured by many, as it gives the story a dramatic feeling and many think that it is the only way to test a 'true love', to overcome all the obstacles in their way and the like.
But I have to disagree. Not only have I grown so tired of this type of story (it really is quite overdone, I once made a list out of curiosity, and nearly every 4th story from those I had used to make the comparision had this kind of plot) it also aggravates me deeply.
Things like gender, age, race, social standing and whatever else one can come up with, simply shouldn't matter and the characters themselves should be strong enough to not let them matter.
I just think there are enough other things that can make a relationship difficult, that require work and patience and love, which you are ready to invest because the other person is damn worth it. So to sabotage two people already in the beginning stages of discovering feelings for each other with trivialities such as a 'forbidden love', just seems so redundant.

-I like to give my male leads a possessive streak of mount everest porportions.
I also really like to have them need to 'convince'/woo Willow into a relationship with them.

-Mostly every crossover I will write will either play solely in one of the universes, or be a completely Alternate Universe. The reason for this stems from my need to go about my stories as serious and logical as possible and in many cases, a merge between the Buffy 'verse and whatever else is just too chaotic, or unrealistic. For example, let's say we do a crossover with the X-Men univers. Then we would have Humans, Mutants, Demons, Slayers, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and who knows what else all together. Too much. And people knowing about Mutants but not about the supernatural? With all that's going on? Not likely.
The series: Supernatural, however, is easily crossable with the Buffy series. With maybe some minor adjustments.
A real cross with Harry Potter could work, but only if both sides are aware of each others existence. Because I really don't think it's realistic for hundreds of years old Vampires to have never heard of a Wizarding world, or on the other side, of powerful Wizards to be unaware of the dangers of a hellmouth.
Mostly, I will write alternative universes simply to escape the difficult task of making two different universes work with each other.

-I will never write a tragedy. There will never be a story under my penname that does not have a happy end. You can blame it on all those years of corruption from watching Disney movies, but I myself can't stomach a story that is designed to torture my favourite character. Of course, 'happy end' doesn't mean 'smooth sailing' all the way. My stories carry their fair share of drama and action, but I believe in balance. If something bad happens, something good happens as well, probably outweighing the bad things greatly.

That is all I can think of right now. I may add things later, if something comes to mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this.
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