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Author banditobane

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My name is Juan Caballero Jr., I'm a toris, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. ;)

Okay joking aside, I grew up with a big imagination and it mostly got me in trouble at school. I tried drawing, but then I relized my drawings suck and decided to let my imagination be expressed through my words because I was better at telling stories.

I trying to get on with more ideas as writer and create my own stories, but a part of me has that what if.... factor. This is mostly why I joined tth fanfic to creat some crossovers or original fiction involving some of my favorite charactors from diffrent feilds of the imagination. Never got into Buffy but I am willing to learn about the series if you guys can be patiant with me.

Another thing you should know about me is I love comic books, video games and anime. So when I write I try to bring them into the mix. But I also tend to by realistic with it as well, so I don't go too far. So don't be surprised that most of my stories involve Xander becoming a Super Hero like Captain America or an anti-hero like Codename V.

(Just to clearfy I am a dude, and I don't swing that way. So I don't like reading stories like that. No offense, but I just don't want to paint that picture with my mind.)
Joined10 May 08
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