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Huh, well what can I say about myself?? ** Thinks really hard ** I got nothing!!! Okay ,okay stop with the arm twisting. I love Buffy, Angel and supernatural, I was an Angel girl but I saw the light and Spike took love the vamp with attitude, he rules plus he has awesome taste in tunes, the sex pistols are fantasitic, love um!!! I am also a Dean girl and am very happy in my proclamation of this as the guy in my eyes can do no wrong. Okay so he's rude, ( but I kinda like it ) eats like a pig ( who am I to say owt to this !! ) and likes the ladies ( okay so stumped on this one...but hey I am a lady or so I've been told so yay in with a chance. And yes I do he's fictional ) ...but he's also brave, has a big heart, selfless and he loves his family, I can't help it I love him!!! I know I'm a freak but what the hey I like being a But that'll give you all the heads up that all my stories will NOT be bashing Dean or Daddy Winchester as I love him also, think I got a thing for bad boys its a shame...shakes head.... I will also never bash Sam he can be a bit of a dork but he's a dork that loves his brother and in my eyes that makes him perfect...grins like a lunatic... Well thats all I gotta say really, I may add more later if I can think of anything but for now....later
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