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Author MercyJones

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I'm a huge Dawn-centric & Cordy-centric fic fan. I'm not too into Buffy-centric, I like her and all, but writing her doesn't come as natural to me as the other two. I have a tendency to make her come off arrogant I think (probably b/c I felt like she was in the later seasons...)

11/2/10 - I apologize for the delay in updating my fics, but I am in the process of editing/rewriting most, if not all, of what I already have posted. I am very much considering taking some (if not all) down and posting the new version up one chapter at a time. But have no fear! I plan to keep these stories up until I have at least finished rewriting the chapters already posted.

Holy Crap does a year go by fast! So sorry for lack of updates and whatnot. Life has been a whirlwind this year (both good and bad ways). Plus, it doesn't help that I haven't had internet in that entire year! I have it now so updates should be coming soon, but unfortunately, I haven't worked much on my fics this past year (own personal projects, one of which is me trying to get a webcomic started with my sis and another is my own book). I will definitely try to get these updated. Especially the Cordelia stories and the Family Bonds. Depending on how I feel at the end of the year, I may just pull the other stories (the sg-1 stories) and try to reinvent them completely. Sorry for the delay! But I gots the internets now! YAY!
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