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Author Muffie

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I know fancy words like "character development" and I'm not afraid to use them! Unfortunately, that means that what I write tends to be really long and fizzles out before I finish. Because I hate unfinished works with a passion and I refuse to subject people to them, most of the stuff I write sits on my hard drive. I've got one that looks good for completion, though. I hope. I'm middle-aged, educated, opinionated, and not terribly concerned with anyone's feelings. My favorite character is Xander. I don't have an OTP, though I have an anti-OTP. Please, for the love of all anyone holds holy, do not mate Xander (or anyone else for that matter) and anyone/it who/which held office or administrative duties at Sunnydale or Sunnydale High (prior to Robin Wood). Thank you. I prefer all fiction to be gratuitous sex-free. I subscribe to the old saw, if it doesn't develop the story, it doesn't belong there.
Joined7 Aug 08
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