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Author Mamodo




I'm a slightly crazy girl from Cologne in Germany with a real passion for reading.
Books, Mangas, Fanfiction, Poems ... you name it and I most certainly read it! XD

I started reading FF a few years back and became nearly instantly addicted.
First I stayed with German stories, but after it became harder and harder to find new stories I switched to those in English.
A good decision as I found out later, because there are just as good as no decent Buffy, Angel or Stargate stories in my own language.

I myself have not written any stories in English yet, but I translated several HP-FFs and wrote some in German (multiple fan domes). Maybe some day I will be brave enough to translate one of my stories into English.

I'm a die-hard slash-girl with a especially soft spot for all and every pairings with Xander.
He is just too sweet.
In the last time I started reading more het-fics as well.

But I think it will be better if I stop my rambling right now, because this bio just isn't very interesting and I do not want to torture you any longer than necessary. ^.^


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