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Author mybrokenangel

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Hi all,
I'm Jenna :) I'm obsessed with fan fictions and especially love Buffy crossovers with Stargate, Supernatural, House, Highlander and Anita Blake lol anything really :)

I'm responsible for getting my best friend as obsessed as me but shes a criminal minds-aholic lol :)

i live in Tasmania (it's a state in Australia), I'm a Cub Scout Leader and i live with my mum and my little brother has just joined the navy, I'm 21 this year (2010)

I'm training to become a nurse and i'll be fully qualified in 2012 YAY!!!!!!

I'm willing to proof any stories sent to me and to give ideas if wanted. just send a message if thats what you want!
Joined17 Oct 08
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