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Author vaguilera

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Hello All in the Twisted Hellmouth web. I love reading all your buffy centered stories. and how she can cross everywhere in this awesome web. My name v. Aguilera and i'm 22 yrs. old and i live in california. to close to the border of Mexico. Since there's nothing good outside the web worlds i dicided to read books, books written by many writers giving us another inside on the world of buffy. but i tired of that and decided that the stuff written about buffy and the scoobies should be done by two group, number one the Man who gave life to Buffy, Joss Wheddon and his team. the Other trusty team that i have decided has to write buffy for all to read are the FAns. Fanfiction is our holly grail i gives us the power to control different universes and borrow characters for no monetary gain. this is who i'm a fan of, of Beta's and the writers. Love You all you give me everything i would need for a buffy fix.
Joined19 Oct 08
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