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Illustration Nommed for Best New Author 2010 - THANKS GUYS!

My inspiration for my fics mostly comes from the intense desire to read a certain subject or pairing. "What do you mean it doesn't exist?! Well, I'll just have to write it myself then!" This philosophy combined with my truly twisted taste in fiction makes for good reading for you.

I don't tend to revisit fandoms unless I'm a huge fan or have VERY different ideas for a second fic. I have too many diverse plot bunnies to do repeats. So, all those asking for another FiT (before the first one's even done) it's prolly not going to happen. Actually, I KNOW it will never happen. I finally watched and read Twilight and I loathe the canon. So, when FiT is done I'll wash my hands of the Cullens forever.

I enjoy trying to come up with fic ideas that have never been used before or crosses that haven't been done before. My thought is that the weirder and more out there it is the better, so long as it's decently written.

In Progress -

Falling into Twilight [Twilight/BtVS, Edward/Xander]- This is what I consider my 'main' fic. Mostly because there are so damn many people desperate for more of it. Unfortunately, it was/is my first try at a multi-chapter fic so I didn't plan the story-line out in the slightest and it often runs aground on writers block island and the islets of immense frustration. One of my in the flesh friends has sworn to kill me slowly and painfuly should I ever discontinue the fic, so I'll muddle through it. I started writing the fic before ever even reading the books or watching the movies, I was just brainwashed by reading too many Twilight/HP fics and was like "Anything Harry can do Xander does better!" Right now this fic is more like a painful obligation to the readers than it is fun to write, so putting out new chapters is like pulling teeth- the anticipation and build up is unbearable as you poke at the idea that it's probably past time to get it done, the procedure is excruciating and the aftermath is sore with a sense of profound relief. Unlike pulling teeth, I then have to repeat.

If Wishes Were Epilogues [HP/BtVS, No Pairings] - This is a drabble fic that will only be updated when inspiration strikes. I can't really see it going anywhere right now, but it's a fun concept that I'll try to explore at least a little bit, I mean I already put the effort into creating the opening exxie concept and that's the hardest part, now I just need to play with my new world.

Living in Faith [BtVS, Spander] - Like FiT this is a fic I started without a plan in mind and it's kinda stalled on me. Unlike FiT no one seems to care that it's not being updated, so it'll languish in the limbo of the unfinished for an eternity unless I manage to muster some inspiration for it. It doesn't help that I've kinda become disgusted with gender cross fics. I mostly just wanted to write a Xander who was strong enough to match Spike without going the demon route, so Slayer Xander sounded like a good plan at the time.

Reirse, Hiena! [Bleach/BtVS, Grimmjow/Xander] - I desperately wanted to write a Bleach exxie, but couldn't decide whether to stick Xander with the shinigami or the arrancar. I ended up creating two different ideas, one for each and this was the shorter idea, so I decided to write it first. I dearly love Grimmy and couldn't imagine pairing Xan with anyone else. In my story most of Grimmjow's canon anger and posturing is due to thinking Xander was dead, so I turn Grimm into a big fluffy kitty when he's got his Xanny back (not really but it's a funny image.) I do hope to explore the softer side of the Sexta. This is kinda a Hurt/Comfort fic with Grimmy in a cute little nurses uniform (in my head anyways.)

Therefore, I'm Mad [Disney's Alice/BtVS, Spander/Dru] - This is my feel-good fic. It's going to run through an AU of season 2 but I really don't have any specific plans for it. I'm just letting Cheshire!Xander run around and do whatever he wants. I mostly wrote this fic because I wanted to write about Xander pissing Angelus off and Gelus not being able to do anything about it.

Wish for a Winchester [Supernatural/BtVS, Family fic w/o pairings]- This is going to be an epically huge fic. I've got up to season 4 tentatively planned out. The tie-ins to Buffy canon are numerous and plentiful and it's taking some ironing out to figure out all the foreshadowing I'll want to weave in as the story progresses. It's a wish-verse fic, but canon will come back and bite the collective Winchester asses in the most world endingly angsty way possible in true Kripke/Joss fashion.

Completed -

Crying Mantis [Bleach/BtVS] - I was brainstorming for RH when this thought came to me. My brain was basically stuck in Bleach/Xander land and somehow came up with this darkfic. I was having a really crummy day and needed to angst a little and I decided to take it out on Xander. I loathe Nnoitra as a character and was trying to get myself to like him a little better. Now, I just think of him as a tragic Xander and I don't hate him quite as much. That's a hideous, hideous lie, I still hate his guts. Poor Tesla, even as an author I couldn't seem to be nice to the pathetic doormat. I kinda feel bad.

Demolition Man [Ocean's 11/BtVS, Rusty/Xander] - I love this fic, really really love it. I want to continue it, but it's so nicely self contained and I'm worried I'll ruin the effect by trying to expand it. I want to eventually at least include a drabble that explains the title, because I had a very good and funny reason for that specific title. No, I won't tell you what it is.

Squees -

I love Xander. (Any and all Xander, but mostly Hyena!Xander), Xangel(us) [Tragic lack of these, get to it authors], Spander, Spike/Willow, Spangel(us), Xander/Dru, Spike/Xander/Dru

Any Combo of Stargate/Harry Potter/X-Men/Gundam Wing/Buffy/Naruto/Supernatural/Inu Yasha/Bleach/YuYu Hakusho, Time travel of any kind, Amnesia, Alternate Dimensions (not AU's but when cannon charas are brought into different worlds)

"I've found that Harry Potter fanfiction is like chocolate. It mixes well with everything, it comes in all sorts of variations, you can never have too much of it, when you don't have any you're thinking about it, and even when you do have some you're already planning how to get more. Above all, it sucks in it's original unprocessed form." - Me

Peeves -

Metaphors and similes in sex scenes. If there are raging rivers of lust, flower petal lips, arousal tingling like a chemical burn and bare skin heating up like the Soviets right after Chernobyl then you have far too much going on in that bed. It will make your readers giggle and laugh at the most inopportune moments, and totally ruins whatever emotion you were going for. Worse you may totally confuse them as to what in the hell is really going on. NEVER EVER make sports analogies about sex either.

Being mates/soul bound/soul mates/whatever that instantly fall incredibly deeply in love at first sight is a total cop out. Lust at first sight, ok. Feeling attraction or small bits of emotional draw, ok. Being destined for each other, yeah fine. Don't just snap your fingers and cause eternal soul-rending love, it cheapens it. Unless you're writing PWP (porn without plot) let the characters get to know each other a bit first.

I have this thing where I always seem to hate main characters. THIS MEANS YOU BUFFY! STAY DEAD DAMMIT! And secondary characters.. and really anyone who's not a villain. I lurve me a good villain.

Quit pairing Willow with EVERY Harry Potter character.. first of all she's the wrong type of witch and secondly at least try to come up with a more interesting exxie.

Dawn is not okay to pair with anyone. She is and always will be a sweet innocent child and is therefore not capable of having romantic liaisons deeper than her adorable and unattainable crushes on Xander and Spike. She is ESPECIALLY not to ever be paired with Xander or Spike. Also she is not having hot lesbian sex with Willow now that Tara's gone and you hate Kennedy. We all hate Kennedy, get over it, or better yet go write something and kill her off. That's always fun.

It's ok to magically/radioactive-accident(ally) turn a character into a girl, but quit it with the "she's been hiding her gender from the beginning" crap. Although I can't recall ever having seen it this applies to turning girls into boys as well.
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