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I read them, write them - while at work i figure out what pairing I can torture y'all with, seriously. Mostly Potter stuff now a days but am beginning to do Twilight stuff now. Am in the rough draft stages of my first Twilight ficlet right now and once I finish the first draft my beta shall get back to me on it it's currently untitled. Here's my total of what I've got:
Harry Potter - 2
Pushing Daises - 1
Sailor Moon - 1 (now complete but not a x-over)
Twilight - 1 (a x-over in the process and won't post till I'm done writing)

One of those Harry Potter ficlets is a challenge, well drunk challenge a friend made me in summer '08. If you've ever read the list of "Things Your Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts" then you would most likely like this one - shot ongoing story. Or if your slightly sloshed -giggles-

I'm also over at! Check me out :
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