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Author TDWidow

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I've been writing fanfiction for quite a few years now and the more I write, the more I'm finding that I love writing crossovers. I still write for single fandoms too, but if there's a chance that any two canons can be crossed, I'll try to find a way to do it. Buffy crossovers, of course, are my favorite.

I'm a Buffy/Angel shipper, though I have nothing against Spike and often enjoy Buffy/Spike stories - I just don't write them myself. I also prefer Xander/Cordelia to Xander/Anya (though again, I will read X/A and occasionally write it) and absolutely loathe Kennedy. If she ever appears in anything I write, it will surely be either as a villain or as a passing reference to her leaving Willow at some point or another.
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