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My name is Lisa but people call me Cat since cats are my favorite animals. I love acting and writing and I write all the time; poems, stories, fanfiction, etc. I also like to read and watch TV, my favorite things include blood and gore. Throw in a tiny bit of romance and I'm happy. I'm a rather unique combination of so-called "Labels". I'm perky and yet I love things dark and gory, I'm cheery yet I'm sadistic. Therefore I don't believe in labels. I'm also quite a bit of a feminist but that doesn't mean I hate all men. When I need a stress reliever I turn on Disney Channel, Nick or Cartoon Network. Some people drink, some people smoke, I watch cartoons. ^_^ I also like dancing and singing, roller coasters, and just about anything that speeds up your heart rate. I just love to have fun. My YIM SN is theladymeow, my MSN is and my AIM SN is IttyBitty5228 if you wanna chat with me.
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