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ummm.....ok....."Hello....My name is Carmen & I'm a Fan Fiction Addict" I have been addicted to fan fiction for over 10 years. I appreciate the imaginative people that have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars & prevented me from going out & buying books. I have read better fan fiction than some books that I have wasted money on. Hell, I some of the people who write fan fiction should be published in books. The main reason I registered for this site is because I can't leave reviews if I am un-registered. A LOT of the writers here need to know that there are readers who truly appreciate they're work.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I have recently noticed that I can only make 14 recommendations, which I think really sucks considering that there are SO MANY writers that I have found in this wonderful place of fan fiction. So I'm gonna put those names here & hopefully someone will see them & enjoy the various imaginations of so many people. I will update it periodically.

Hermionetobe - Keys to Pegasus (SERIES)
narukyu - Return to the Blood Lands (SERIES)
DreamOfStories - What we do for Family
DemonChildeKyra - Cordelia Sheppard
angrymonkey - The Horsemen (SERIES)
angelaask - At Friendship's End
scarlettiris - Losing Dawn & Welcoming The Light (Separate Stories)
Jesmin - Fine Lines & Shelter (Series)
Luna - Let's Hear It For The Monsters....NOT!!!
Jaded - Tales From Atlantis (SERIES) & A City Is Not A Home (SERIES)
FaithWinchester - Daughter of Anarchy (SERIES)
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