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Author MiraniEmrysAnduin

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Well, there's not really a lot to say about me. I love reading and writing obviously or I wouldn't be here would I? Drawing is fun but I prefer being out on a horse! They're so cool! I can play the piano but only up to grade two so far but I'm workin' on it. I love Stargate/Buffy crossovers, especially the ones with Daniel adn Jack as main characters! They're so cool! and hot, can't forget to mention that Daniel and Mini-Jack are totally hot!
I love animals, especially white tigers and wolves. Dragons are even cooler though, well I guess I mean hotter cuz of the fire but you get my meaning.
I live in Scotland, the best place to be in my opinion and I won't be movin' for anything except maybe a chance to join teh SGC but I know that's not gunna happen so there's no point in wishing for that.
Ummm, I love fantasy stuff, especially things like 'lord of the rings' and 'Eragon' with a little twist of the 'black magician Trilogy' and 'Chronicles of Ancient Darkness' thrown in. The 'Twilight' series is one of my all time fav series to read, the vampires in there are just sooooo hot!!! I wonder how Angel would look if he was one of them? It'd be fun to find otu I guess.
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