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Author SadJack

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Not much to know really. I'm a guy in his late twenties, with to much free time on his hands, and a craving for misc. knowledge.

I'm big on the Xander centered fics. Especially one of a game nature. There are a few story themes I try to look for more of though. Mainly of a Star Wars, Castlevania, Hellsing, Riddick, and Devil May Cry nature.
My favorite Author on TTH is Scribbler with his/her Jedi Harris/Terran Jedi storyline.
MMcGregor would be my next, followed by Seige as my last favorites.
I liked Shawn's Library(Shawn30) writings for my more grown up fic listings.

The last thing that I would like to say is that, I really don't think that JW did things well with the character of Xander.
I believe that the normal human with proper self belief is more openly capable than that of a powered being such as a Slayer or any entities along those lines.

I have recently started a hopeful epic story named "Requiem Of Ruin", that is a Castlevania/Hellsing/BTVS crossing that has Xander as a prominant role. Plans for this epic are extensive and very detailed. I only hope that it will all come together in a good way.

"Remember. Our preceptions dictate our reality." (Qui-Gonn Gin StarWars EP 1)

That's really about it.
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