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Author kerrykhat

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Update 2/2013:

Some brief updates on some stories and series:

For Warriors in Exile, I am planning on returning to that story. I want to edit what I have so far, as well as plot out the rest of the story before I post any more of it. The same goes for Rift. Please be patient with those. I am going to try to get at least one update for both of them out in the next year.

As for the Against the Wind verse, I'm essentially rebooting it starting with Stranger in a Strange Land. That was one of the first series that I started, somewhat inadvertantly, and there's a lot about it that have changed over the years. Right now, what I have posted has been retitled as the "Dance Along the Edge" series, and will remain a separate verse. Some things from that one might migrate over to the new Against the Wind verse, but others will not.

Thank you, and hopefully you enjoy what's coming next!
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