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So my favorite characters from BTVS/ATS are, Faith, Tara, Cordy, Andrew(odd I know), Doyle(wished he stayed longer), Spike, and Lorne.

On pairings on the show or in the fandom are as follows:
-Show: Tara/Willow, Doyle/Cordy
-Fandom: Faith/Tara(Don't Judge), Buffy/Faith(mmm UST) Faith/Cordy(Oh the Snark), Faith/Andrew(Friendship only)

Pairings in crossovers: Faith/Cara/Kahlan(LotS/BtVS/AtS), Faith/Ephiny(XWP/BtVS/AtS[Don't Judge]), Faith(Revan)/Bastila{It's why I'm writing the story}

While those are my Faves it doesn't mean I hate the other Characters just how they are written sometimes, for example Buffy's double standard with forgiving Spike, Angel, and Willow: but not Faith. And while I know there was the whole no soul things with Spike and Angel, and Willow was grief stricken but still. Also kinda annoyed me that the whole Finch thing was both Buffy and Faith's fault but only Faith got blamed. Now that doesn't mean I don't like Buffy, in fact other than how the writers make it seem like there is the double standards, I like the character.
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