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Author lilskippy

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If you're here, you're likely kicking the tires. So what can I tell you? I'm most interested in Buffy, Faith, and Willow--three very complicated women, whose complications often lead them to moral crossroads. Also, I like things fairly gray so you're unlikely to find unqualified evil or good here. The slayer itself is savior and killer. Finally, I try to eschew exposition at all costs, which I hope makes for a story with a good pace that respects everyone's knowledge of these characters.

If anyone is curious about my vision of the slayer in general, please check out "What Does Not Kill Us" and "Within" (non-crossovers) on (same pen name, Buffy category, M Rating). Echoes of that vision will show up in this story as well, except, you know, Star War-ized. Enjoy and feel free to contact me with thoughts or suggestions!
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