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Author Chilord

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Mmm... Used to write anime fanfiction, still do on occasion. Nothing too spectacular, some Ranma Crossovers and other things. Recently gotten back into fanfiction and I decided to throw out the plot bunnies that wouldn't leave me be.

I'm a fan of Xander, rather obviously, and I enjoy most Xander/Fem match ups... Just not Xander/Willow for some reason. Just comes off as wrong to me.

One big thing though. I do NOT give out spoilers.

You want to find out where a fic's going? You'll have to wait and find out with everyone else, when I release the next chapter.

Currently, BtVS fanfiction isn't that high up on my list of inspiration.

Check my profile to see more of what I'm also working on.
Joined2 Jul 09
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