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Somewhere west of nowhere, south of the boonies and east I ain't gonna tell ya anything.

Out of all the Buffy characters, Buffy is my favorite. Though I occasionally read stories where she is bashed. And I think that all the BtVS characters deserves bashing, at certain times during the show.

Xander is my second favorite. Especially love the halloween stories about him. Wish their was more willow and Buffy ones.

Dawn is my third favorite. I think she's the most underestimated character and the most felixable. You could make up an origin for the key, from it being a blob of timey-whimy stuff to it being some goddess in nontagible form.

Wills, is actually my least favorite. I think she should have been called out on magic way before season six and she hurt a lot of people. Though she is a lovable character I think pre-season three for me. I mean, she was horrible from then on, but I really loved her before she was so into being 'magic gal'.
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