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Author MajinJohnTitor

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Just another dude trying his fortune in the inter-verse. My fav character is the Xand-man, and I prefer reading stories 'bout him. Hate bashin', and things that don't make sense... unless I'm the one not making sense, in which case I must have a hidden agenda.

Update: Year 2014

I've changed much since I first wrote the previous paragraph. I've also stayed pretty much the same. Now I know what I like, I'm studying something I absolutely adore and I have so many hopes and dreams for the future! I want to help make the world a better place for everyone in any way I can. Last time I started a story was back in 2010. I wrote some short stories recently and I showed them to a friend I recently made. She loved them and well... She's the reason I started writing fan fiction again. Hopefully writing in here and receiving criticism will help me learn more about writing and editing so that, one day, I can write a book myself.

Alright, now, a list of fandoms I'm a fan of, so that you guys can suggest crossovers or whatever: (just because it's listed here it doesn't mean I like it. It just means I have enough understanding of it to write a story where characters and plots of said stories are present. Also, these are just the ones I can name from the top of my head. List may grow as I add in future ocassions)

Young Justice
Game of Thrones
Dragon Ball (original, Z and GT)
How I met your mother
The Walking Dead
Gravity Falls
Twilight (only the first book, have seen all but the last two movies)
Once Upon a Time
The Big Bang Theory
Jackie Chan Adventures
DC comics
Doctor Who (only 9th and 10th)
Kingdom Hearts (1 and 2)
Full Metal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood)
Sword Art Online through Alfheim
Shingeki no kyojin
Pokemon (first, 2nd and 3rd generations in video games)
Bridge to Terabithia
Evil Dead (whole trilogy and Regeneration video game)
Heroes (season 1 through 3rd)
Avatar: the last airbender/ The Legend of Kora
Danny Phantom
I am Number Four through The Power of Six
The Hobbit
LotR trilogy
Star Wars (six movies, not the extended universe)
How to Train your Dragon
Underworld (1st through second, the prequel and also the last one)
Shrek (all movies)
Bioshock infinite
Dead Space (all three games)
The Hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy
The One (with Jet Li)
Animorphs (only the books)
Toy Story (all movies)
And most Disney-cartoon movies (which are just too many to mention)
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