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MarcusBy day I'm an educational technician, by night I'm author and publisher of the Forgotten Futures role playing game on line and on CD-ROM (it was also briefly in print but the publisher pulled the plug on it). I write fan-fiction when I'm feeling blocked with games writing.

My RPG, Diana: Warrior Princess was published in print by Heliograph Inc. in January 2004 and is available from games shops, Amazon, etc., and is now also available as a PDF.

As of June 2006 I've just completed two more gaming projects; I've just launched the first Diana; Warrior Princess supplement - it focuses on America and the activities of a wandering musician and gunfighter, in Elvis; The Legendary Tours, and The Original Flatland Role Playing Game, based on Edwin Abbot's classic 19th century book, and sold in aid of Doctors Without Borders. After that I have to catch up with things on my earliest RPG, Forgotten Futures, which is well overdue for another supplement. While I hope to get caught up on my fanfic, updating will continue to be slow for the forseeable future.

Update - July 2008 - I've recently completed Forgotten Futures X, based on the novel Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, and it will be on line at the end of August. However, I'm already looking at Forgotten Futures XI, to be based on the SF of Stanley Weinbaum, and hope to start work on that immediately. This means that I still probably won't be doing much fanfic writing in the foreseeable future, though I don't plan to give up entirely.

Some original SF I wrote for British anthologies in the nineties is at
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