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I'm shy at heart, but I can be as vicious and blood-thirsty as a lioness protecting her cubs when it comes to family and friends. I pass the time by imagining the ways in which all deserving monsters (i.e. rapists, child molestors, sex trafficking leaders, etc.) are tortured in a world where thier kind is not tolerated. If I had a say in thier judgement, I would vote to send them to Texas where they would get the Death Penalty. And speaking of death...
I have thought about dying. other people dying and the world ending in general because--let's be honest here--who hasn't thought about one of those things at least once? Either as a passing thought, a joke or as part of a serious discussion. I think of those things because my mind naturally wonders about forces out of our control and anything that may make life more exciting, for the better or worse.
Not that I'm up for Hell on Earth, an acopalyptic distopian society like in Parable of the Sower--great book by the way, loved the imagery and strong independent female character--but I like to think about the things people normally wouldn't or refuse to because those scenarios will always be a possiblity. No matter your faith, every religion or belief system has some kind of prophetic warning about the world's end. And the world will end one day. I believe that whole-heartedly, considering that our natural resources won't last forever, human nature is flawed and that the world seems to requires chaos to encourage some kind of progress for humanity and itself.
Then again, that future is hopefully centuries ahead of my lifetime and I hope desperately that I am long dead--turned to dust, if you will like those damn vampires (not the sparkly kind!)--before World War III occurs. Hopefully.
But let me stop here and just say how happy I am to join this site, which offers a lot more of the fics I've been craving these past few weeks. I've already read some of them, particularly the BTVS and SG-1 crossover fics, and I've got to say that they're pretty damn good. Not to mention deliciously, nutriciously filling!
Aur revoir!
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