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Love SF (& fantasy to lesser extent) & BtVS/Ats (obviously/necessarily) - favorite character Buffy. Like sports, science, philosophy, xover fanfic, board and card games, maths, movies & TV shows.
Note that with the BtVS xover stories I intend to publish here that I treat the 8th season as AU - I think it is OOC for Buffy to commit a bank heist [even if she adopts the SSR moral justification], plus find other elements of the 8th season (which I have only read summaries of) to be atrocious.
I find the approach many authors take of Old Council funds being found much more plausible.

Here is a link to my "official" TtH recommendations:

There are some authors that I find consistently good, and so will start listing them here.
Tanstaafl (Note: concentrates on femslash)

As well as my "official" recs, there are a number of other stories that I think are also good, but have not "Recommended". Some are because they are already in top rec lists. Most are because putting them in my "official" list would make it too big and cluttered. I will be listing them here, by categories (some stories in specific categories are also already in my "official" list)

'A Different Future' (AU Cordelia, Buffy/Dawn/SG1/NCIS) by Cordyfan
'Checkmate' (Buffy/Castle) by Tanstaafl (femslash)
'Dawn's NCIS' (Dawn/NCIS) by sevangel
'Faith in the Army' (Faith/various) by DaveTurner'
Father Goose Tales' (Xander/various) by litmouse
'Grim up North' (BtVS/various) by DaveTurner
'Lightsabers' by Wavelet (Teal'c/BtVS/SG1/comedy)
'Meeting the Dads' (Buffy/multiple crosses) by mmooch
'Misunderstandings' (BtVS/SG1) by DonSample
'One Last Shot AU' series by Whedonist (Buffy/Willow/L&O:SVU/Dexter) femslash
'Slayers/CSI' (BtVS/AtS/CSI) by MarcusRowland
'The Military Option' (Buffy/various) by batzulger
'The Seattle Slayers' (BtVS/Willow & Kennedy/various) by DaveTurner
'Wasp' (AU Buffy/WWII) by Tanstaafl (mild femslash) Consists of stories 'Stingers' and '101st'
'XSGCOM' by Hotpoint (non-BtVS/X-Com/AU SG1)

BtVS/AtS non-crossover
Mission Accomplished by BeerGood (Giles, Buffy)
Points of View by phouka (Xander)

Loyalties: A Father Goose Tale (Buffy, Dawn, Xander) by litmouse
Operation Retrieval (Sydney/Buffy/Riley) by Booster

Anita Blake
Ursa (Buffy) by thetwitmachine

Angel of the Bones (Booth/Angel) by MarcusLazarus
Discovery (Willow) by RivanWarrioressHeartbreaker (Dawn) by Damia
Rationalising the Supernatural (Buffy-Brennan/Angel-Booth) by hellsbells
The Bodies in the Sinkhole (Xander) by Letorno

nBSG (Battlestar Galactica 2003)
A Day in the Life (non-BtVS/The Culture) by justaguy
Cradle of the Gods by EvilAuthor (non-BtVS)
Earthsong (rewrite) (BtVS/SG1) by Wise
Fifth Column (non-BtVS/Battletech) by EvilAuthor
Hunted Tribes (non-BtVS/Battletech) by Hotpoint
Lost Kin (non-BtVS) by justaguy
Second Coming (Dawn) by Altryna
Shaking the Cycle (Dawn) by grundy
The Finales Overture (non-BtVS/SG1/SGA) by Freewrite
The Summers Effect (Dawn, Buffy) by winterd

'Checkmate' (Buffy/Castle) by Tanstaafl (femslash)
Storyteller (Buffy) by ChloeBlack

Criminal Minds
Changes To Adapt To (Buffy, Rossi) by xxxx
I Just Want to Know Where I Come From (Buffy & Dawn, Rossi) by xxx
Letters (Buffy/Reid) by TwistedSlinky
Pieces of Self by jezaeiri (Buffy)

Amnesia (Buffy, Willow/CSI:Miami) by Lakshmibai
Biological father? You had an affair? (Willow/CSI:LV) by Karie
I'll Always Find You (AU Buffy/Xander/CSI:M) by RavenMorbisk
Lost (Buffy/Faith/CSI:NY/SG1) by DeepBlueJoy
Sam's Girls (Buffy, Dawn/CSI:LV) by grundy
The Ripper of New York (BtVS crew/CSI:NY) by Dmitri
'Slayers/CSI' (BtVS/AtS/CSI) by MarcusRowland
What Am I Going To Do Now? (Buffy/CSI:LV) by zigpal
'Miami Slayer' series - Faith, Knife, Murder and sequel Hurt (Faith, Buffy/CSI:M & Ghost Whisperer respectively) by RavenMorbisk

Wish Fulfillment by vitruvian (Superman/BtVS)

Ghost Whisperer
I am not a fan of this, but it is good for BtVS xover stories

Xander's New House by DeepBlueJoy (Xander/AU AtS/BtVS)

Las Vegas

Law & OrderPeople of New York vs Buffy Summers by slincolnSlayerz (Jenny Brandt) by Mediancat

Law & Order: SVU
Father Goose series (BtVS/various) by litmouse, especially:Father Goose and the Black Knight (Xander/L&O:SVU) by litmouseMy Daughter .... the what? (AU Buffy & Dawn/L&O:SVU) by sevangel
andThe flipped side of My Daughter ... (Faith/L&O:SVU) by sevangelMurder Ballad (Jenny Brandt) by Mediancat (sequel to Slayerz in L&O)Not All Monsters Are Demons by justaguy (Olivia, Buffy, Dawn)
Old Friend, New Life (Olivia, Alex/Xander) by justaguy (sequel to above)Shadow's Waiting by phouka (#2 in the 'Shadow & Light' series)Shadow's Hunting by phouka (sequel to above; #14 in "S & L' series)

The Fire That Died (Lit-SciFi/AU Faith/Dies the Fire) by DaveTurner

'Time Changes Everything' series by MusesInspire (Dawn/Legion)

A family United (Buffy,Callen,Gibbs, NCIS:LA) by Xanfanforever
Bunny, Buffy, What's the Difference? (Buffy/Tom Clancy) by mmooch
Chaos Theory (Buffy/AU Kate) by Rainne
'Dawn's NCIS' (Dawn) by sevangel
Incense and Gunpowder (Willow, Kate) by Rainne
Like Father, Like Daughter (Buffy) by DoomedRomance
Lost and Found (Ziva) by tigerlily
Rising From The Darkness (Xander) by poe
Terror Nova (Buffy, Faith) by Booster
What was once Lost is Found (Willow) by RivanWarrioress
You're my what? (Buffy,Dawn) by FireWolfe

XSGCOM: Goa'uld Defense by Hotpoint (AU SG1/X-Com)
Terra from the Deep by Hotpoint (AU SG1/X-Com)
see also nBSG stories, as several are non-BtVS

But It's Pretty, Pink and Flowery! by Bugeyedmonster (Buffy, comedy)
First Meeting by JessRS (Buffy/Charlie)

Anomaly (Versions 1 & 2) by wayneenz [NOTE: Are in MISC and Surprise Crossovers-Commercials; not Primeval)(Comedy)
Jabberwock by DaveTurner


'A Different Future' series by Cordyfan (AU BtVS/NCIS) by Cordyfan
Are You Ready? by DonSample (Cassie, Faith, Xander)
Daniel's Daughter by RudesMom (Buffy)
Dawning Familiarity (AU BtVS - Buffy, Dawn) by NotJana
Dawn Summers, Marine (AU BtVS - Dawn) by tals
Dead Eyes by callmefred (AU Buffy)
Divine Justice by CharlotteB (Multiple pairings - Dawn/Riley, Buffy/?)
Doing What Comes Naturally by DeepBlueJoy (Teal'c/Buffy, Jon/Dawn)
Far Beyond Normal, and, Return to Normal (Buffy) by jAkL
Forming Alliance by Dejmal (AU BtVS)
Go Tell The Spartans by DaveTurner (AU SG1/Willow & Kennedy)
Life's Ending, Life's Beginning (AU Buffy) by becuzitswrong
Marching On by thegirlinquestion (Buffy/comedy)
Potential (Hailey/AU BtVS) by ShayneT
Search for Brother Charlies by DarkPhoenix (AU Buffy)
Things To Do In Colorado Springs When You're Bored by becuzitswrong (AU Buffy, slayers)
The Grace of Fate by Ava (Buffy/Cam/comedy romance)
The Key to Byzantium (BtVS/AtS) by MarcusRowland
True Destiny by betascud (SGU/AU BtVS)
Xander and Yet ANOTHER Demon by DianeCastle (Xander/comedy)

I wouldn't exactly call that sitting (Dawn/Xander) by dogbertcarroll (comedy)
The Devil of Sunnydale Elementary (Dawn, Kit) by vidicon

Sunrise on the White House (AU Dawn) by Jaded

X-Men (Marvel Universe)
Parallels: Heroes and Villains by DreamSmith (AU BtVS, Comedy)

BEST OF YAHF (Yet Another Halloween Fic)

BEST OF YAPF (Yet Another Portal Fic)
Derived from 'The Gift':


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