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EDIT: July 17th, 2013

There's currently a challenge running between me and lothlorien. For the next eight weeks, we'll both post a new story on Sunday. Enjoy!

About Me:

- I love languages and am (more or less) fluent in four. I also know the basics of two more.
- I love reading and writing fan fiction. I also started making some fan art.
- I love slash, crossovers and rare pairings.

Archive and General Information:

Don't archive my stories anywhere and don't use any of my original ideas without my express permission. The fact that I post them online for your viewing pleasure doesn't make them your property. You can contact me through PMs, reviews and my Yahoo!Group corrupted_smile. Ask me, if you want to use an idea of mine. I've given permission to people before, so I don't want to see my ideas pop up in stories or art by people I don't know. Recommending my stories is allowed, of course, but I'd love to hear about it when you do, if only to find out what else you recommend.

Current Archives: Twisting the Hellmouth, Archive of Our Own, HP Fandom and FanFiction.Net


This is the link to weird_minds. It's a group for more than one author's fan fiction and fan art. Feel free to join.

This is the link to my homepage corrupted_smile. For more information on this group, I suggest you read the description of the group. That explains things pretty well. Feel free to join.

This is the link to my LiveJournal. I use this to post only fan fiction at the moment, but someday I'll add fan art and non-fan fiction stuff too.

Round Robins:

A B:tVS/SPN story called The Xander Cure. Co-written with lothlorien.

A B:tVS/HP story called The Scooby Way. Co-written with lothlorien.

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