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Author souldriven

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Favorite Series: Buffy, Angel, Farscape, SG1, SGA, Torchwood, Trigun, Akumetsu, Smt: Persona series, DMC, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Kotor, etc.

Favorite Buffy non-crossed pairings: Buffy/Graham, Willow/Tara, Spike/Xander, Giles/Joyce, Cordelia/Angel, Illyria/Spike, Fred/Wesley

Things about Buffy I theorized/ Misconceptions I would like to point out:
-Xander is NOT a prophecy breaker. He just isn't. Buffy DIED. Kendra was called. Ergo, Buffy died at the Master's hand. The Prophecy STILL HAPPENED. Buffy just didn't STAY dead thanks to Xander.
- Spike and Angel(us)'s vampire line is NOT Aurelius. The Order of Aurelius was a group of prophecy following vampires that the MASTER ran/was part of.
- The curse put on Angelus was pure GENIUS. It makes total sense as soon as you factor in curses generally have a clause to allow them to be broken and the curse was used for revenge. The soul curse was not about turning a dark creature into a servant of light it was about making Angelus suffer. If he's no longer suffering than there's no need for the curse. The plus side to the clause is that the people that helped end Angel's suffering are going to be the ones the vampire goes after once he is soul free (which he does).
- A LOT of Willow's animosity towards Faith BEFORE she sleeps with Xander could be attributed to the witch's closet-lesbianism and the sexuality Faith exudes. People act funny when they're in denial.
-Xander and Oz were so short-changed by Whedon for the sake of Willow and Buffy. Very annoying.
- Dawn's other parent, if she has one, is probably Faith. The monks said they used the blood of the slayer, they never said which one/how many slayers. Faith being the other mother however, would explain the slayer dream Buffy had of the two of them preparing a bed for the 'little sister'.
- Xander might be known as The One Who Sees but Spike has always been strangely insightful as well.
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