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Please excuse any erratic updates. Life takes precedence over writing/posting fan fiction, as do migraines and back spasms.

I'm an avid reader and I can't always follow my plot bunnies through. My brain tends to get side tracked and I lose the trail the bunny was making. If you need help on a story I'm the one to go to (if Real Life doesn't destroy the communication link because I have difficulty remembering to contact someone without regular other reasons to stay in contact with the person I'm betaing for). I can't get my stories to behave but I can be utterly evil with the plot bunnies and Ideas on other people's stories, especially when I've just finished reading a chapter or something else to encourage my ^Madness^!!! I also seem to pick up on things and can tell you if you have something you need to resolve or need to double check. I've always been a good beta but RL of late hasn't been cooperating and has been slamming me in the extreme. I'm currently trying to finish my college degree. If anyone needs help drop me a line. I'll see what I can do but no promises.
I also have an account on a few other sites and tend to use the same screen name. ;D

People kept asking me. So once and for all: I'm A GIRL!!

The name just kinda created it's self one day and attached it's self to my heart and soul (sorta), representing them and my personality. I'm the dragon lady you don't wanna cross but at the same time I'm as loyal a friend as you could find. You break past my shell and hurt me and you might regret it though... Don't say I didn't warn you. Now onto a little explanation: The a at the end of my name denotes femininity I was going for an Asian sounding name when I created it. No, it's not to my knowledge a true name. It's my own personal creation. MINE!! There that gets the little possessive bit out of my system. Seriously though, don't steal it, I've got enough people stealing after I first started using it on Runescape. *grumble*

I am an all around avid reader and mostly enjoy sci-fi and fantasy (more specifically high fantasy). As well as military fiction. I like a little mystery, romance, and the occasional completely random book. For sci-fi my main preference is space opera/adventure such as in the star trek, stargate, & Doctor Who universes. For fantasy as long as it isn't too dark, to political, or to shady I'll most likely enjoy it. (If it's got too many undertones I'll see too much in both the story and in the world around me and that can be down right painful.) As to me I'm a college student and I dabble in writing and I don't always get my stories finished but the work I do get done always seems interesting to me. My major is in computers. I am not someone who fits the standard mold by any stretch and I tend to see patterns where others do not. For more about me just look at what I've written and how or send me a message and get to know me better, or better yet learn me through my stories.


About my stories and how they're written and why I don't post that often. My brain is hardwired differently then most peoples. I don't think in words... I think in pictures, numbers, music, and pure concepts. This can be, as one might imagine, difficult to translate into english for my stories and for everyone who wants to read what I want to tell. Please bear with me. I am trying. I just have to translate this as if it were a second language despite growing up speaking english. This can be a problem to an extent because I'm not translating straight words... I'm translating pictures and sounds and pure concepts that I can't find the words for. My access to the english library definitions for what I'm thinking is on the fritz and always will be even if over time I might be able to improve it a bit. My multiple concussions haven't helped so, Please be patient. Thanks.

p.s. If your interested in learning more try Reading "The Way I See It" by Temple Grandin... or watching "Temple Grandin" the movie as its about her life; you might just understand a little bit better.
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