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I've written for many fandoms and never really finished a story sadly enough. But considering most of those were Harry Potter and Naruto don't be afraid, I just got sick of the fandoms. I plan a very long Buffy/Batman eventually DC Universe crossover: Boy Wonder which is starting off with a bang! :D
I'm also looking for a Beta/brainstormer/fact checker/timeline smoother for Boy Wonder. My AIM is sageoflogic if you want to contact me and main e-mail is

Boy Wonder AU Timeline:
30s: Batman active
40s: JSA Active after WWII and the "men of mystery"
50s: Batman at age 40 picks first Robin, Dick Grayson. 55- Dick does a solo stint and forms the first Teen Titans. 59- Dick leaves to become Nightwing and shortly after Barbara is crippled and becomes Oracle (age 25), first sightings of "Metropolis Blur"
60s: 61, Jason Todd replaces Dick. 64 Jason's death and Red Hood arc. 65: Batman does a stint in the Justice Society. 67 Tim Drake becomes the last Robin under Bruce Wayne, 69: Death of Joker (Harley survives, Batgirl is newly Stephanie at the time) and Tim Drake leaves to become the Red Robin after an argument over killing Joker (he'd been rescued a week earlier than in the events that led to Return of the Joker). Batman retires giving the cowl to Dick.
70s: 72- Damien Wayne appears at age 12 after the 'Death' of Ra'as al Ghul as Bruce's son by artificial insemination 73- Thanagarian Invasion, increase in anti-Alien sentiments 74- Department of Non-Standard Threat Response is formed. They create several branches- a joint Air-Force/NASA branch for Alien threats, Project Cadmus for metahuman threats, and the Initiative for supernatural and Damien is allowed to become Robin under Dick. 75- In wake of the Thanagarian Invasion the Justice Society disbands. 77- Disappearance of Scarecrow and several other of Gotham's Rogues Gallery in the following years. 79- Tim Drake transfers from Red Robin to Nightwing and the Death of Superman arc occurs: (Superboy is cloned, Doomsday, Man of Steel, etc. Superman wasn't really dead just in a near death state, etc.) also: Birth of Kera Zor-el to Power Girl (Power girl is Superman's cousin but her ship arrived first which is why she was part of the JSA and not him. She was 51 in 79 but she looked in her 30s. Once she hit 20 her aging slowed dramatically, similar to other long lived races. No Kryptonians will not stop aging under a yellow sun but a lifespan of 200 years is a lot. Kara also was not aware she was Kryptonian until Clark helped found the Justice League so she was "adopted" into the Zor-el family a year after Kera's birth.)
80s: 80- Justice League is formed from remnants of the JSA. Kara and Kera adopted into Zor-el family. 81- Final death of Solomon Grundy and birth of Alexander Harris 82- In order to make him more of a team player Damien is sent to the current Young Justice as the current Red Robin and befriends leader Superboy and many others. 85- First appearance of Darkseid 87- Damien becomes the newest Batman 89- Lex Luthor beats George H. W. Bush for the Republican candidacy and wins election and Justice League expands
90s: 91- Lex Luthor discovered to be completely freaking evil and is impeached after Justice League intervention saving lives of millions. VP Peter Ross takes over for remaining term. 93- Bill Clinton becomes president, Pete Ross goes back to Smallville to raise his kid.
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