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Author zTiamaTz

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My name is Bill, and I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I've been gone for about six months from reading or writing anything, and I'm hoping that the break will get some new ideas going.

I've gained and lost some recs in the mean time, and I'm taking it as a personal challenge to get them back. If you like my stories, let me know, reviews are what let me know I'm doing it right...


I am partial to Xander, Cordelia, Faith, and Tara stories. Though I am looking to expanding my horizons based on what I can find out there.


Overly-Super Xander - Yes, there is a difference. I do enjoy a good 'Xander gets powers' fic. However, I can't seem to get past the first chapter of many due to the heavy-handed style. Realism, even in a world with a Hellmouth, is always appreciated.

Heavy-Handed Buffy - Yes she was a bitch through much of season seven, but that doesn't mean she can't grow out of it. Too many fics have her in post S7 as a frothing at the mouth tyrant. Tone it down.

Love-Sick Spike - Spike and Dru were originally going to be killed off at the end of S2. I kind of wish they had. The evilness that made Spike so entertaining, was removed to turn him into a total sap. Boring.

Harry Potter - I find all of the characters extremely annoying. I won't event touch a crossover that involves this.

Twilight - As annoying as a love-sick Spike is, these vamps are a thousand times worse. Vamps are supposed to be scary, not glitter.
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