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Author Angelinasway

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I'm a 29 year old women who fell in love with Spuffy fan fiction about 5 years ago. I have been writing on and off ever since then. My favorite fandom is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I have been known to read other fandoms like Harry Potter, Firefly, and Lord of the Rings. I also love crossovers and can handle Buffy or Spike being paired with someone else as long as their not in the same story together or it's before Spike realized his feelings for Buffy.

I will say this only once I despise, no more than that, I hate Angel with the fire of a thousand sun's. If you had asked me two weeks ago if I hated Angel, I might have said I don't think he's right for Buffy but I don't hate him. Well sorry, after reading the Buffy comics my mind is made up. He killed Giles and that is something that is unforgivable and I don't wanna hear, he was possessed. I honestly don't care. This wasn't my only reason for hating him, but he has finally pushed the now you have gone to far button on my forgiveness meter.

So that being said I have a few stories that are mostly Spuffy, though there is a Buffy/Tom Riddle that I have been posting for a little while.
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