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Though my name is not Kedrann, this has been the one I have been using on the Net for years (and even have seen some of my 'offline' friends use it), so I'm quite used to it.

I'm thirty-eight and have many interests, among which science fiction and science (the works of Masamune Shirow are long-time favorites of mine). Building uchronias is what brought me to fanfiction as it was a way for me to express the 'What If' seething in my mind. In particular, I build crossovers. I really like to put together some series and build a coherent world where each of the factions of every concerned series has an history with the others. Staying coherent (and putting Chekov's guns that will only make sense a lot later) is a challenge, but a fun one.

As those who read my stories will probably notice, I have some themes that come recurrently in my story, among which trans-humanism and moral relativism.
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