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Hi! While I do like to write I am more comfortable as a reader and reviewer. I am happy to chat though so always feel free to send me a message.

I must admit, however, my knowledge of Buffy is only up until the end of Season 3 when it was airing. I did manage to see the odd episode once in awhile until it switched channels in the last two seasons which I know more from fandom then from television. I haven't read the comics either so I have no knowledge of the Season 8 being produced. I have seen the original movie, however, so yay me ^^

I did manage to watch most of the Angel series but I only have a good idea up until Season 4 for it with a few episodes caught on TNT after that point.

I have a wide range of interest when it comes to viewing genres and I do like my primetime tv so it doesn't just have to be Buffy to be talked about. I also enjoy books, mythology, comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, plays, and musicals as well. And since this is a site primarily for cross-overs you can imagine I've read everything that has caught my fancy.
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